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Continuing to grow day by day with its reputation capital and innovative perspective, Sinpaş Holding continues on its way with the strength of 33 successful companies in the "real estate development", "industry", "service", "finance" and "energy" sectors as of 2023.

Standing out as the flagship of the holding, Sinpaş GYO develops quality living spaces that are in harmony with nature and the environment, adding value to the regions where it is located. With its unique projects and numerous awards, Sinpaş GYO has grown both its brand and financial identity and has made over 100 thousand people real estate owners to date.

Sinpaş Holding, which always focuses on reaching the best and being ahead of time, is one of the most rooted companies in Turkey, in its journey that started with a strong belief half a century ago.

In addition, under the roof of Sinpaş Holding, public companies such as Servet GYO in the field of commercial real estate and Kızılbük GYO in the field of tourism continue to expand their activities in accordance with the corporate management approach and achieve significant success in their sectors.

. While Oswe, located on 240 decares of land in Frankfurt, one of the most important points of Germany, stands out as one of the companies of Sinpaş Holding,Seranit, Turkey's first factory producing technical porcelain, has made a name for itself with its successes as the pioneer of firsts at nearly 300 sales points in 60 countries around the world by following the innovations in modern production technologies.

On the other hand, Sinpaş Yapı Savings Fund, which offers interest-free financing models based on savings, continues to grow rapidly by serving with 32 branches in 21 cities while growing rapidly with Sinpaş's corporate organizational structure.


To respect local values and leave a mark on a global scale with sustainable strategic growth. To make a difference with its investment areas and activities shaped by its half-century of knowledge and experience..


To be the leading housing brand and investment instrument in Turkey and the countries in the region.


Different thinking and innovative perspective


Customer focused approach

Efficiency and stability



Sinpaş Holding has been deemed worthy of many different awards over the years with the success of its companies.

Secrets of Effective Communication in Leadership

A new one has been added to the "Sinpaş GYO Books", which are reference sources on subjects such as "economy", "marketing", "competition" and "personal development". 'Secrets of Effective Communication in Leadership' by Gail T. Fairhurst focuses on framing practices in business communication. The book, which contains practical and effective communication methods for leaders and managers that can be used in the institutional framework, shows the power of the words preferred in communication.

According to Gail Fairhurst, by framing words, we also shape reality. Those who achieve this rise as leaders where others cannot 'manage meaning'. Fairhurst enriches his theoretical text with examples from business, politics, sports, academia and the arts, and presents communication framing as an everyday skill.

'100 Years of the Capital Ankara', prepared with the contributions of Atlas History

The book "100 Years of the Capital Ankara, from the crossroads of Civilizations to the center of the Republic", which was published with the new issue of Atlas History magazine, contains interesting sections from the last 100 years of Ankara, which has hosted different cultures with its thousands of years of history.

The book, which includes very important photographs and evaluations of Ankara's old photographs that have not come to light until today, important historical monuments of the city, and its architectural structure shaped by the Republican period, has become a reference source that will excite those who are interested in history and urban culture.

How Brands Grow Part 2?

Written by the leading names in the marketing world, University of South Australia Professor Byron Sharp and Jenni Romanniuk, ' How Brands Grow Part 2' explains the basic principles of purchasing behavior, the basic principles that form a consistent roadmap for brand growth and improved marketing productivity.

The first publication to explain marketing strategies and practices with scientific rules, Marketing doyen Dr. Byron Sharp's book 'How Brands Grow Part 2' attracts attention with its appeal to two audiences. The book is primarily addressed to those who have read “How Brands Grow” and want to learn more about some of the key concepts and how they are applied.The areas of mental accessibility, physical accessibility and how to develop distinctive assets are explained in detail.

Second, How Do Brands Grow 2 is written for marketers operating in emerging markets, services, e-commerce, and luxury sectors. These categories are explored, with examples from the financial services, telecommunications, fast-food, supermarket and fashion merchandising, telephone gadgets and automobile industries across countries as diverse as China and Brazil to Turkey and Nigeria.

How Brands Grow?

Although we think we know everything about marketing, what do we actually know? Is the information that we believe to be true because it seems plausible, or is taught that way, still valid or does it actually work?

“Marketing as a field of study is actually so new that it would be arrogant to even claim that we know everything about it or fully understand its basic principles.” These words belong to Byron Sharp, the scientific genius and doyen of the marketing world.

“How Brands Grow?”, which has become one of the classics of the advertising and marketing world in a short time and is one of the indispensable books of marketers, makes us re-examine everything we've learned so far.Sharp admits that marketers are better educated than in the past. But is this knowledge enough for us to reveal our originality, to be able to get out of the circle, to break the chain of vicious circle?

“How Brands Grow” defies stereotypes by presenting empirical evidence that destroys all past knowledge, and manages to be a remarkable game-changer.

Sinan Atlası

“Architecture is a profession that has an inseparable connection with culture at the point where science and art meet. Watching architecture is also watching the development of a society.

The peaks in architecture also indicate the peak that that culture reached among its contemporaries.Works that mature at their peak continue to promote that culture to the extent of their permanence. Cultural influence affects the dynamics of the community that brings out that culture in every age.Architectural structures, one of the most important indicators of culture, are preserved and live in accordance with the respect and value of the culture itself. Sinan, who was born in Kayseri on the outskirts of Erciyes, the peak of Anatolia, who wrote poems from stone and earth to all corners of the Turkish-Ottoman geography, is an exceptional talent who grew up in a period considered the peak of the Ottoman Empire. Using his knowledge and genius, he created structures far ahead of his time and became a source of inspiration for future generations.Sinan, who succeeded in giving the shape created by the function, at the upper limits of general aesthetic acceptance, with the help of structure and material, created works that were admired not only by the empire but also by the world. He was a master of muralists, curators, calligraphers and engravers.

Thinking that architecture will build mosques and conduce to many wishes in the world and the hereafter, Sinan has shaped his design principles in accordance with materials, terrain, climate and needs rather than strict rules, so he has succeeded in transcending not only borders but also ages. Sinan Atlas, in which all of Sinan's works are gathered together, will be a reference book that will provide a better understanding of the humble personality of Sinan, who showed the magnificent face of a nation and civilization to the world with his works and embroidered it into history, and will provide a clearer understanding of his point of view and aesthetic understanding.”

New Consumer

"What a brand is today is more important than what it was in the past."
"Nurturing loyalty should be a marketer's growing concern from day to day."
"All customers are irrational."
"Increasing the number of options may discourage people from making a purchase."
"Positioning is the most important part of the marketing game."

We think that these magic words will lose their value day by day. This is because of a radical change in the consumer's decision-making process: The consumer used to make decisions based on criteria such as brand name, experience with the company, inflated prices, the brand's advertising message compared to other competitor's messages, or other products a marketer would prefer to display in a catalog or on shelves. Conventional wisdom argues that these criteria can still greatly influence people's choices.

But this understanding is starting to change and we are moving towards an almost perfect information age. Review websites,unprecedented access to expertise and other resources via smartphone app purchases, social media... All this means that the consumer is using a radically different, socially dense information environment. In a world where consumers enjoy access to fully-informed expertise and a variety of information services and can instantly read the opinions of those who have tried the product before, it is much easier for consumers to anticipate experiences close to them with a product or service – it is now easier to obtain precise information about products.

When we talk about "perfect information" we mean the experienced quality of a product. For example, how we feel in a restaurant, happiness or boredom, the comfort of a headset, or the use-value experienced while using a camera... So "perfect information" isn't just about technical specifications and the reliability of a camera, it's about owning the product and actually using it.In short, the new information environment around us provides consumers with easy access to the experiential information they value while owning products or services.

This development has enormous ramifications for consumers and businesses. First, relying on experiential knowledge means the average consumer propensity to make better decisions and be less susceptible to manipulations.For businesses, the same means that marketing is undergoing extraordinary change.When consumers have easier access to perfect information, similar methods such as branding, loyalty and positioning used to predict the quality of those products or services are less effective.

The shift from relative information to precise information requires managers, marketers, and strategists to reevaluate everything, and this shift creates the need to rethink marketing (and a new language for talking about marketing).This is why we propose an entirely new framework (We call this the “influence mix”) for more effective marketing decisions based on the influence mix that fuels the source your customers trust. The truth is that the shift from relativity to certainty is starting to take place in some product categories, and it's happening much faster for some consumers than others. Understanding this development will enable marketers to better understand where change occurs and where it doesn't, and to use their marketing strategies and programs in place in each situation.

The End of Competitive Advantage

Sinpaş GYO guides the business world with its award-winning book 'The End of Competitive Advantage'!

Sinpaş GYO, which draws attention with the books it has published for the business world for 7 years, as well as the projects with different concepts it has implemented, this time shares Rita Gunther McGrath's award-winning book titled 'The End of Competitive Advantage' with the business world.

Sinpaş REIT, which has made its difference by putting its signature on Turkey's first themed housing projects and leading the real estate sector, continues to keep the pulse of the business world. Following Howard Gardner's '5 Minds to Build the Future', Daniel Gilbert's 'Variations on Happiness', Philip Delves Broughton's 'What Do They Teach You at Harvard Business School', Philip Kotler's 'Marketing 3.0' and Ruth Spellman’s ‘New Leadership’, Sinpaş GYO meets the business world with a brand new book.

Columbia Business School professor and world-renowned strategist Rita Gunther McGrath's 2013 book "The End of Competitive Advantage", which was awarded the Distinguished Achievement Award for Strategy, provides important clues to managers about today's strategic realities and how to think about competition.

'The End of Competitive Advantage', which is a source book in today's business world and competitive conditions, identifies the shortcomings of traditional strategic methods and approaches strategy in a new and practical way. Underlining the tools required for a successful performance, the work identifies the essential factors to create a dynamic competitive advantage for the companies of the future, rather than an established understanding of competition.

The author of the book, Rita Gunther McGrath, argues that the time has come to go beyond the concept of sustainable competitive advantage, to create a new way to win for organizations, and this is to act quickly and decisively and seize opportunities. McGrath states that some of the world's most successful companies are using this new method to compete and profit.Filled with attractive examples from world giants such as Fujifilm, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Infosys, Yahoo! Japan and Atmos Energy, the book “The End of Competitive Advantage” is characterized as a guide to successful and profitable growth again in an economy increasingly defined by temporary advantage.

Good Company!

A better world, more profitable companies

A true guide for well-meaning professionals trying to strike the delicate balance of simultaneously improving the financial and social spheres!

Good Company! is a handbook offering the advice needed to integrate marketing and social initiative with the company's overarching goals. You'll find a map of how to run marketing and corporate-level campaigns on pages that prepare company executives and staff to select the most relevant issues, the best partners, and the ventures with the highest potential.

New Leadership

The Foundation of Sustainable Success in the New Economy

Today, business leaders, managers of non-governmental organizations and political decision makers around the world are exploring how to adapt to new conditions.New ways of sustainable successful leadership are searched for. The new world offers countless new opportunities in this regard.

In this book, author Ruth Spellman discusses the changes needed to move forward in management and leadership. She highlights the need for a new, different type of business leadership. It is an understanding that is responsive to the expectations and needs of society, considers a wider range of issues than most business leaders have considered in the past, and supports a leadership role that people at all levels of the organization can assume. Managers and Leaders Who Can contains practical suggestions for adapting to new conditions and turning them into an advantage. Each chapter contains checklists and milestones for the practical steps needed to move forward. In the same way, it determines the questions that the reader should ask himself and his field of influence. The book offers many vivid examples from real business life.

Mainly the following topics are covered:
- Values and morality in new conditions
- Manage yourself and others
- Managing change and uncertainty
- Managing social stakeholders
- Managing risk and business sustainability
- Managing the environment
- Managing innovation
- Managing the brand and reputation
- Managing diversity

Thus, a holistic approach emerges.

Marketing 3.0

Today's customers make the most important decisions in choosing products and companies through creativity, communication and idealism.

Customers who use technology heavily say that old marketing methods no longer work. Because companies already have to be creative and do the best in terms of products, services and corporate culture.

Legendary marketing guru Kotler teamed up with colleagues Hermawan Kartajaya and Iwan Setiawan to break the old rules of marketing with Marketing 3.0.

Marketing 1.0 Product-based

Marketing 2.0 Consumer-based

Marketing 3.0 Encompassing the mind of the customer in multiple dimensions with holistic convergence

You can transfer applications to your own organization with what you take from this book, which reinforces the author's world of ideas with real-world examples.

Potential customers are always having conversations with each other and among themselves. The positive interaction of your brand is also due to the successful suggestions these people make among themselves and the approaches of your collaborators.

With this book, where you will see the effects of global communication, you will be able to use the new marketing rules as your guide.

What Do They Teach You at Harvard Business School?

The 31-year-old Paris bureau chief of the British Daily Telegraph, Philip Delves Broughton, quit journalism in 2004 and applied to Harvard Business School to pursue an MBA and was accepted. In this book, Broughton describes his experiences in this school, which can be called the kitchen of world capitalism.

How is the daily life at the famous business school? What courses do they teach in the MBA program? What is the basic approach of each lesson? What are professors like? What about other MBA students from all over the world, what are they aiming for and what are they pursuing? What do the famous businessmen who came to the school to give a lecture explain?

And what does all this have to do with real life? How does the kitchen of capitalism work and what is cooked here?

In this book, where you will read some parts of it with deep reflection and some parts with laughter, you will not only get to know the reality of Harvard Business School, but you will also find comprehensive discussions on the most fundamental issues of today's economy and business life, as well as the causes of the global economic depression that started with the 2008 financial crisis...

"HORRIFIC AND SO FUNNY. A great book."
- Wall Street Journal

"Very instructive to absorb, very entertaining to read"
- Financial Times

"An insider's testimony that reveals many things, the admiration it creates is contagious"
- Sunday Times

Variations on Happiness

Think you know what makes you happy? You won't know for sure until you read this book.

• Why lovers forgive a betraying lover more quickly than a lover who leaves dirty dishes in the sink?

• Why were sighted people willing to pay more to avoid being blinded than blind people to regain their sight?

• Why patients remember long medical procedures as less painful than shorter ones?

• Why house sellers charge a price they wouldn't consider paying if they were home buyers?

• Why shoppers are happier when they cannot get their money back?

• Why can't we remember one song while listening to another?

• Why does the queue at the grocery store always slow down as soon as we join it?

"In Variations on Happiness, Daniel Gilbert shares his clever insights into the quirks of our minds and guides us towards happiness in many delightful and enticing ways. If you stick with this book, you're guaranteed plenty of joy.

Five Minds to Build the Future

Some skills will become a necessity in the future. If you want to have these too, it's time to step up. Are you ready to take action?

We live in an age of tremendous change. Globalization, unlimited increase of knowledge, superiority of science and technology in every field, clash of civilizations... These changes require new learning and thinking styles in school and business world. In Five Minds to Build the Future, renowned psychologist Howard Gardner introduces, explains, and shows ways to acquire cognitive abilities that will become crucial in the coming years: disciplined mind, synthesis mind, creative mind, respectful mind, and ethical mind.

Those who equip themselves with these abilities will be ready to deal with whatever the future brings, good or bad.


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